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Chamberlains – the legal expertise behind new online wills service – is the only online will service delivered and supported by a registered law firm, backed by legal advice and certified as legal services. Chamberlains support includes providing the documents as well as providing additional optional services of explaining, witnessing and storing finalised wills. Chamberlains is also available for complementary face to face meetings for those with complicated arrangements.

More than just a will kit

The service goes beyond what is available from most other online will products that simply provide a will template that is completed by the user with little or no guidance. The website takes the user though a will wizard that establishes whether the online will is suitable for the user’s circumstances and if so, which will template best suits their needs. For the small percentage of users whose circumstances are too complicated for the online will, a complementary 30 minute consultation can be arranged with Chamberlains Law Firm.  In this case an obligation free recommendation and quote is provided.

The ease and convenience of online without sacrificing the security of using a law firm

Even for the more sophisticated websites that offer some customisation, their terms of conditions explicitly state that they are not a law firm.

The wills generated by on the other hand are fully backed by a law firm and covered by professional indemnity Insurance.

Generating a will using is an easy 4 step process.

Step 1 – Create an account.

Step 2 – Complete the wills wizard – to find out what will template best suits your needs. The wills wizard will also let you know whether you need to seek further legal advice.

Step 3 – Create your will – populate the required fields to generate your will. You can see a draft of the will and supporting documents before you purchase. Once your will is paid for, you have up to 3 months to create as many versions as you like before you settle on your final version.

Step 4 – Sign and Store – Execute your will your self by following the instructions provided or have Chamberlains witness and store your will for you.

Chamberlains at the forefront of the online legal services revolution

Chamberlains support of online is just one example of its focus on using technology to improve the delivery of legal services. Chamberlains offers a suite of document libraries for business advisors and business start-ups that can be accessed from its website