The unthinkable has happened. You’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident and your life has been turned upside down in a split second.

You’re in pain, you’ve had to take time off work and you’re trying to deal with an insurer.

Now what?

You need an experienced lawyer on your side. Someone to help guide you through the process and make sure you are looked after. We’re not just talking about physically. We’re talking about financially.

Our expert lawyers specialise in listening to your story and dealing with insurance companies on your behalf so you can concentrate on your recovery.

Who can make a claim?

If your injuries arise from the negligence of another motorist you can make a claim whether you were another driver, a passenger in either car, a cyclist, motorcyclist or a pedestrian.

How long do I have to make a claim?

Strict time limits apply in the ACT for compensation claims and these are changing constantly. Failure to comply with these time limits may mean you cannot proceed with a claim.

It is important to speak to a lawyer ASAP to discuss how these time limits affect you.

How can Chamberlains help?

Claims get complex. Insurers get difficult. Our lawyers have been handling personal injury claims for many years and we’re experts in our field.

We genuinely care about our clients and we fight hard to achieve great results.

Plus, at Chamberlains we offer advantages you don’t find at all other firms, including:

  • Free first consultation
  • ‘No-win no-fee’ claims
  • Legal disbursements paid by us; no need for expensive litigation funders.

Don’t put it off if you think it’s too hard, or you’re not sure if you have a claim, that’s what we’re here for. Call us today for a no-obligation chat to discuss your claim.

We’re with you.


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