A pokeball

In less than a week Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. It is now the number one selling app in both the Apple and Android stores and has seen the Nintendo share price sky rocket in recent days.

In the interests of full disclosure, the writer has never actually played Pokémon Go and does not intend on doing so, but a basic Google search and countless posts from friends on Facebook suggest that it is based on an augmented reality based game where Pokémon hunters use their phone GPS and camera to track down and capture Pokémon as they appear in the “real world”.

As hunters seek to navigate the real world tracking down Pokémon in the in game map and through their camera, Pokémon hunters are at an increased risk of injury. Media outlets and police have already reported on countless injuries and car crashes sustained by hunters not paying attention to their surroundings in the real world.

The use of Pokémon Go also has the potential to place hunters in dangerous situations. Last week a 19 year old Pokémon hunter in Wyoming found a dead body floating in a river during a Pokémon hunt and in Missouri, four teens were arrested for allegedly using the app to lure unsuspecting hunters to secluded areas in order to rob them.

The lesson here is that if you are serious about Pokémon Go, you should have a will and enduring power of attorney to ensure if you die or become incapacitated during a Pokémon hunt that your loved ones will be adequately looked after. If Pikachu had assets, he/she/it would most certainly have a Will.

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